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Thursday, May 13, 2010

There are times I envy those people, when searching for their kinfolk tell me, "Found most of the older ones all in the same cemetery" I wish. For 3 years I searched for one of my GGG Grandmothers grave. I knew the county (Franklin, IN), I knew the road (Blue Creek) I just couldn't find it. After a long search I found it at last. Look at the tree line to the right going down the hill.

This is a closer view of the end of the treeline. Between the briers, poison ivy, snakes, ticks, chiggers and such, looks like fun times ahead. Once I made it through what you see and over a two foot wall, mission accomplished.

This is Sophrna Herndon Robeson. One of my GGG Grandmothers. 11 Aug 1813 - 9 Feb 1855.
Left behind a husband and 4 children, the youngest at 5 years. Her husband married the next year and had 4 more kids. She is buried on an obscure corner of the farm and the only grave at that location.
If you look at the 1st picture again and imagine a large hill to your left, the rest of the family is buried up there on what is now a dead end road.
I'm happy to say that somebody at the county level decided that all the small cemeteries needed to be marked and mowed. She now has a clean spot and a nice sign: ROBESON CEMETERY.
Of course sometimes they are so easy to find in a strange cemetery that it almost borders on the paranormal. I was looking for a GG Grandfather buried in Mexico, IN. The wife and I arrived at the cemetery (rather large) and not knowing where to start I decide to start at the back in the oldest part. I took the first road back, came to a "T" and asked the wife should I go left or right. She then asked me to tell her the name again. I said "Joseph Ellis". She said "Look straight in front of you" There he was along with his wife, his daughter and her husband. I guess he wanted to be found.

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