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Saturday, May 1, 2010

In keeping with the May theme "Cause of Death" here are some that I found while roaming Indiana looking for kinfolk.
These are but 3 of about 20 stones in the Salem Indiana cemetery that bears mute testimony to the hazards of pioneer life. In this case it was the cholera epidemic of 1832/33 that swept through southern Indiana. The stones are all in one section of the cemetery and from what I can gather these are the burials that started the cemetery. The youngest stone left was that of a 10 year old boy.
Most that I have seen mention the military, in fact I had an uncle (by marriage) whose parents had engraved on their stone, their other sons name with the words "Died in France while serving his country, June 15, 1944". He was a medic with the 90th Div, and was buried over there.
I ran into another one today while looking for somebody else's kinfolk. It said "Killed in France 1918"

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