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Monday, May 17, 2010

Let me introduce you to what may be Rush County's' most famous grave (the other being Wendell Willkie)

Lova Cline was born in 1902, the only child of George and Mary. She was born an invalid, unable to even sit up by herself. Her father, who was a bridge builder, built this dollhouse for her. One of the things that strike some people odd is that there is no door, only windows.

This was because Lova could only look at it from either her chair or her bed.The furniture that was inside the house was also built by her father. When Lova died in 1908 she was buried in a cemetery on the west side of town and the dollhouse placed near her grave.

When her mother died in 1945 she was buried in East Hill Cemetery. Lovas father wanted to ear down the dollhouse but was talked out of doing so. The townspeople got together and moved Lova and her dollhouse to where her mother was buried and placed her next to her mother.

The next year her father died and was buried next to Lova , she is buried between her parents. A family friend was charged with taking care of the dollhouse (which weighs 400 pounds and stands 5 feet tall). Once a year she would clean it out and fix it up, this has since been passed on to her daughter.

As so often happens, in 1973 thieves broke into the dollhouse and stole all the original furniture and dolls. These were replace, but in 1979 the same thing happened again.

The siding, roof and toys you see are not the originals. The toys of course were replaced and after the last break in, the house was removed and aluminum siding and a metal roof was put on it.

The cemetery is the East Hill Cemetery on US 52 just east of Arlington, IN. It sits in the middle section towards the back, you can't miss it. If your ever in the area, stop by and say Hi to Lova.

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