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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The following story is true, only the names have been omitted.
In a cemetery in Dearborn County is a very unusual grave. If you look at the picture you will see one stone off to the right, behind it is a large empty area...only it's not empty. The area behind the stone is 14 cemetery plots beneath this ground is a special grave.
Some years ago a lady lived in the area and her favorite passion was her red Cadillac. In her will she stated that she wanted to be buried in her Cadillac when she died. She also stated that she wanted her husband to be buried with her when he died. He is still alive.
According to a former caretaker of this cemetery (I have known him for several years), this was done according to her wishes. For the record, she is not sitting behind the steering wheel, she is in a casket on the drivers side (it's a convertable). This was done with the aid of a custom built burial vault and a crane.
Now comes the legend: When you drive through the cemetery and approach this spot, if you honk your vehicle horn, there will be an answering honk. For the record: I tried this and received no honk.

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