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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bronze Monuments

Some of my favorite monuments are the metal, known as Bronze or sometimes White Bronze (even though they are blue). Here in Indiana they seem to have been made by two companies: Detroit Bronze Company and the Chicago White Bronze Company.

While not rare they are by no means numerous. I have found that if there is one in a cemetery there will at least be one more. A cemetery in Plainville is simply loaded with them, most cemeteries don't have any.
While most of them are of the same style, just exchanging one decoration for another, I ran into one in Lynnville that was different.
The top two pictures show this unusual monument, it has what I would call an open-air chapel with a praying cherub within it. It should be noted that this was not a child's grave. I thought it very unusual. There are several in this cemetery including one with a statue on top, which again seems to be rare around here.
The third picture was taken in Plainview. This was one of several of this type in that cemetery along with the normal bronze monuments. It gives you a ready made place to plant flowers on the grave.
I must add that in some cemeteries I have scared up snakes, deers and other four legged animals, but this cemetery is the first I have ever had to watch my step because of cactus plants. It seems because this hill is open, hot and sandy that the cactus that is native to Indiana didn't know there was one did you?) grow in huge amounts in this cemetery. It had to be a day I wore my sandals.

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