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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Unusual Stones

Recently while on a lunch break, I discovered these two tombstones in the cemetery at Shelbyville.
The one has a row of books and a table supporting the books. While we've all seen books as part of the stone they are mostly single books placed on top.
Was the gentleman a reader of some reputation or was he a librarian. With the letters after his name the latter is correct.
The other one, while the bottom logs are common, the top log is a piece a petrified wood that was atached and carved as part of the overall stone.
These two stones (and the one behind the log, which is a daughter) all go together in this family plot.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two interesting Markers

Here are a couple of interesting stones I saw while wandering around a cemetery during my lunch break.
While I have seen a book on a tombstone before they are mostly single books (open or closed). This gentleman was either a tremendous reader or a librarian to have his stone carved this way.
The other one is most unusual, it is the books guys wife. Her "stone" is a piece of petrified wood, carved and stacked on stone logs. Quite odd and interesting.
Speaking of books, the next blog will show what can be done with the tree tombstone, including books and an arm.