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Friday, August 6, 2010


While riding my bicycle today I stopped by this cemetery that I've passed many times but never went in. It's a large cemetery, but I went to the older section. While most of the stones are not unusual or richly carved (there is one Memorial Stone to a sailor who died on the USS Indianapolis) I ran across this monument.
After taking these pictures (yes, I always take my camera, you just never know) there were many questions that ran through my mind, among them:
What ever happened to her young man?
Why would they pick winter to elope?
Did her parents disapprove of him that much?
Why didn't she go to the McCray cabin? It wasn't that far away.
Why is her name not noted? In 1833 there were not that many people in the area, surly the McCray family knew who she was.
Could there have been a wooden marker at one time? Did it simply rot away and those who erected this stone couldn't have found her name as early records were missing?